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                         DEFENCE AGAINST NUNCHAKU.                            

"This pair  of sticks  connected by  rope will cause to worry even to advanced

S. Gvozdev. "Ju-jutsu manual".                                                

"In many  martial arts  schools students  learn how  to defence against knife,
stick, chain,  gun etc.  However in  none known  me school  don't teach how to
defence  against  nunchaku.  May  be  someone  know,  how  to defence  against
nunchaku ?"                                                                   

From my posting to martial arts mailing list.                                 

                                 *  *  *  *  *                                

A few  years ago  i posted question "How to defence against nunchaku ?" into a
few martial arts related newsgroups and mailing lists. I received answers from
many  martial  artists -  traditional and  not-traditional, from  beginners to
masters. Here  you can  see answers  which are (in my humble opinion) the best
ideas. The order is preference order as i was used it.                        

1) Run away (it's The Best Choice in many cases). "Forgive me as I speak herasey against church of Macho. You best bet is to just run ! Hard to get beat up if you're not there. Face it the guy's got a weapon, and if he's swinging it at you he obviously doesn't have any hesitation about using it on you. This is not a safe situation. There are many times where running fiercely is your best bet." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. 2) Use tools. "The best thing for handling chucks is to remember the sage wisdom of 'You are not an ape, use a tool'. Since laughing boy has already introduced weapons into the situation, well her can't complain if you do too." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. a) Use any long tool. "Your best bet is to pick up a distance weapon like a broom, shovel, pool cue or mop. (By the way don't forget that a poke works just as well as a strike). Then stand back and watch him realize that you're out of his range, but the same isn't true." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. b) Throw something. "You're next best bet is to practice modified Monkey Gung Fu (scream, backpedal and throw s**t). A bottle or a rock in the guys chest will mess his day up something fierce. Also watching someone's face as they realize that there is no good way to catch a thrown chair is loads of laughs." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. "You can throw handful of sand or something like to opponent eyes. If you don't want to bend over - you can throw it with foot." From my ideas. c) Use some kind of stick to disarm opponent. "If you could grab some kind of stick, bat, cane etc. you can increase your chances of defending succesfully. Swing your stick at the rope or chain that conects to nunchaku. If you can hook that and pull it. It will be nearly impossible for the attacker to hold his weapon. This is one reason that some polices forces that used the nunchaku have stopped using them. Their officiers found that they could easily be dis-armed by someone with a cane." Tom Nardi. "While the end of the nunchaku movese in a figure-8 the center stays rather stable. If you can put something in the center you slow the whole thing down. If you have a stick by striking up and down you most often get through the figure-8 and can strike the wrist." Rick Clark. d) Use some kind of shield or protector. "I did once know a fellow student who'd put his shoes on his hands so he could block the strikes... too risky for me though (but better than nothing - A.L.)" Chris. "If you have bag, suitcase or something like - you can use it as shield." From my ideas. e) Use soft tools. "Perhaps the funniest defense (but not as sure) is a 'rat tail'. Using a rolled up towel or tee shirt, snap the end into the chain or rope. This snags them up and you can either jerk them out of his hand or counter attack." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. "How about a belt to defend against nunchaku ? When it's pulled tort between the hands it can blok, and then be relaxed like a wip... as can other objects." Chris. "If you have a coat or something similar you can toss it into the nunchaku and tie it up for a second or two." Rick Clark. 3) Hit your opponent before he swings. "Before he swings - enter into his area of attack, hereby jamming his attack which prevents him from swinging his weapon." Alfred Rodriguez. 4) Try and jam in close after nunchaku have missed with a swing. "Once your opponent takes a swing, they're out of control and it'll take him a sec or two to regain that (think that much less - A.L.). That's your opportunity to move in and close the gab. Once your inside, he can't swing them at you, he'll have no range." Craig. "Method which is very difficult and requires a lot of skill: let him swing, then enter again into his area of attack at the end of the swing." Alfred Rodriguez. 5) Try to stop nunchaku with empty hands. "As a last ditch effort (and I do mean last ditch) you can always try stiking your hand into the rope and chain. Howewer you will take an impact and something might get broken. But if you're cornered with nothing around sometimes you have no choice." Marc "Animal" MacYoung. "If your are not barefooted - try stop it with sole. When striking stick will belove waist level - parry stick near the chain with sole, close the sole, close the gab (it will nice if you can at same time tread on nunchaku) and then do what you can do." From my ideas. "Usually nunchaku are swung high and in a rythmic pattern.This leaves the possibility of: - striking low with a kick (watch the range of the weapon!). - timing your strike with the motion of his weapon - I won't take responsibility for figuring this out for you. - who knows, maybe you could kick his hand ? Although, I wouldn't. You only have two legs to stand on. - protect your head while you extend one arm, reseiving a very damaging blow, maybe if you're lucky grab the weapon arm, and then use your other weapons (head, shoulders, other arm, legs, etc) to inflict damage which will stop the attacker long enough for you to escape. Byron Alley. 6) Additional suggestions. "Shoot your opponent... Beg for mercy... Keep out of the way and wait for him to knock himself out... " Andy Brice. Copyright © July 1995 Alex Levitas

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