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Best weapons manual books

Kobudo Weapons
Mark Bishop Zen Kobudo: Mysteries of Okinawan Weaponry and Te
Fumio Demura Bo: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense
Fumio Demura Sai: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense
Fumio Demura Tonfa: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense
Fumio Demura Kama: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense
Tadashi Yamashita. Advanced Tonfa
Tadashi Yamashita Bo: Japanese Long Staff
Tadashi Yamashita Martial Arts: Weapons Demonstrations
Toshishiro Obata Kama: Weapon Art of Okinawa
Robert Clark Traditional Kobujutsu
Clifford Crandall Jr. Tonfa: An Extension of the Mind and Body
Ted Gambordella Tonfa Tactics: A Strategy for Total Defense
Sid Campbell Weapons of Okinawa: A Devastating Kobudo Arsenal
Sid Campbell The Weapon Masters of Okinawa: An Informal History of the Kyukyu Kobudo

Japanese Swordsmanship
Dave Lowry Bokken: Art of the Japanese Sword
Nicklaus Suino The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship: A Manual of Eishin-Ryu Iaido
Michael Finn Iaido: The Way of the Sword
Hiroshi Ozawa Kendo: The Definitive Guide
Charles Daniel Kenjutsu: The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
Toshishiro Obata Naked Blade: A Manual of Samurai Swordsmanship
Toshishiro Obata Crimson Steel: The Sword Technique of the Samurai
Katsumi Toda Ninja Sword: Art of Silent Kenjutsu

Stick Fighting
Michael D. Echanis Basic Stick Fighting for Combat
Remy A. Presas Modern Arnis: Filipino Art of Stick Fighting
Masaaki Hatsumi Stick Fighting
Bruce Tegner Stick Fighting: Self-Defense
Bruce Tegner Stick Fighting: Sport Forms
Dave Lowry Jo : Art of the Japanese Short Staff
Antonio E. Somera Secrets of Giron Arnis Escrima
Mark V. Wiley Filipino Martial Arts: Cabales Serrada Escrima
William Cheung Kung Fu Dragon Pole
Jack Hoban Ninja Warrior: Bojutsu Defense Techniques
Amante P. Marinas Pananandata Yantok at Daga

Knife Fighting
Amante P. Marinas Pananandata Knife Fighting
Cacoy Hernandez Balisong: Iron Butterfly
Jeff Imada Balisong Manual
Jeff Imada Advanced Balisong Manual
Marc MacYoung Knives, Knife Fighting, and Related Hassles: How to Survive a Real Knife Fight
Don Pentecost Put 'Em Down, Take 'Em Out: Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison
Harry McEvoy Knife Throwing
Harry McEvoy Knife & Tomahawk Throwing
Russell Maynard Tanto: Japanese Knives and Knife Fighting
John Sanchez Blade Master: Advanced Survival Skills for the Knife Fighter
John Sanchez Slash and Thrust
Sid Campbell Balisong: The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting
Rex Applegate Combat Use of the Double-Edged Fighting Knife
Michael D. Janich Knife Fighting : A Practical Course
Greg Walker Modern Knife Combat: The Training of a Knife Fighter
Vito Quattrocchi The Sicilian Blade: The Art of Sicilian Stiletto Fighting
Michael D. Echanis Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing for Combat
Hill R. Kelly Jr. Ninja Knife Fighting
Jack Hoban Tantojutsu: A Ninja Defense Technique
William Cassidy Complete Book of Knife Fighting

Exotic Weapons
Charles V. Gruzanski Ninja Weapons: Chain and Shuriken
Stephen K. Hayes The Mystic Arts of the Ninja: Hypnotism, Invisibility, and Weaponry
Donn F. Draeger Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia
In Hyuk Suh The Fighting Weapons of Korean Martial Arts
Joseph Wayne Smith Wing Chun Kung-Fu: Weapons & Advanced Techniques
Tetsutaka Sugawara Aikido and Weapons Training
Edward Frey The Kris: Mystic Weapon of the Malay World
George Kirby Jutte: Japanese Power of Ten Hands Weapon
Ricky Pickens Chinese Ring Daggers: The Ultimate Close-Quarter Weapons
Kam Yuen Technique and Form of the Three Sectional Staff in Kung Fu
William Cheung Kung Fu Butterfly Swords
Sid Campbell Exotic Weapons of the Ninja
Sid Campbell Ninja Shuriken Throwing
Katsumi Toda Ninja Star: Art of Shuriken Jutsu
Katsumi Toda Ninja Star

Police Impact Weapons
Bruce Tegner Defense Tactics for Law Enforcement: Weaponless Defense and Control and Baton Techniques
Massad Ayoob Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons
Takayuki Kubota Baton Techniques and Training
Robert Downey Baton Techniques for Officer Survival
Joseph D. Hess Night Stick
Joseph D. Hess Flex Baton Training Manual: Police Nunchaku Alternatives to Deadly Force
George M. Pekar Techniques With a Thirty-Six Inch Baton: Modern Methods Made Easy
George M. Pekar Advanced Short Baton Techniques: Modern Methods Made Easy

Improvised Weapons
N. Mashiro Black Medicine: Weapons at Hand
N. Mashiro Black Medicine: Equalizers
Marc McYoung Pool Cues, Beer Bottles, and Baseball Bats: Animal's Guide to Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense and Survival
Ted Gambordella Weapons of the Street
J. Luggar Improvised Weapons in American Prisons
Ed Nowicki Street Weapons: An Identification Manual for Improvised Unconventional, Unusual, Homemade, Disguised and Exotic Personal Weapons

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