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Articles about nunchaku

On this page i'll publish different articles (written by myself or by other people) about nunchaku, martial arts in general and eastern philosophy. Hope you'll find here something interesting for you.

You can take these articles freely for personal use. If you wish publish one of my articles, please follow next rules: article may be published only complete and without any changes (the only allowed change is correction of my poor english), my name must be included, i would like also if you will include my Email address, if article published in some magazine or newspaper, please send me a copy, if article published on some E-media (WWW, FTP etc.) please let me know and send me a URL - if you follow these rules, you can publish these articles freely. What about articles of other authors - follow author request please, if presented. If you wish to contribute some article - send me a mail please.

Best regard. Enjoy !

"Defence against nunchaku"

"Defence against nunchaku." This article is a compilation of answers on the question "How to defence against nunchaku ?" given by many martial artists - traditional and non, from beginners to masters. I choosed ideas which seems me most useful and compiled them into this article. You can send me a mail, what you think about this article.

Next article...

In near future i think to publish here article about weapons. This article not dedicated especially to nunchaku, but in my opinion it may be interesting both to martial artist and to these who haven't any relation to MA. I wrote this article when i though about Chjuan Tzy idea: "Things become what they are when people give them names..." Article tell about weapons, but idea behind it may be easily used in any field of interests. In future i'll also publish here another articles about nunchaku, martial arts in general and eastern philosophy.

P.S.: i know, that my english is poor, but i hope you can read it. If you can help me to convert these pages to right english, i'll very thankfull. If you can help me with "translation", please send me mail. Thank you in advance.

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