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Best 10 nunchaku manuals

AMAZON.COM is the registered trademark of Amazon.com, Inc. Here is my virtual bookstore. On this page you can find info about top 10 nunchaku manual books, see my short review about these books, and, if you wish, order these books. I hope next year this list will include my own nunchaku manual book, but in meantime you can order books which written by such famous persons as Fumio Demura, Tadashi Yamashita, Joseph Hess etc. This bookstore works in association with Amazon.com Books. It means you can order books on-line, secure and from anywhere in the world.

If you wish to order some of the books listed below, you need to follow link in the book description which will move you to Amazon.Com page where is book info and correct price, there you'll need press "Add it to your Shopping Cart" button. If you wish order more than one book - return to my page by pressing "Back" button in your browser and repeat described operations for each other book you wish to order. When you selected last book you wish to order - press "Proceed to Checkout" button on the Amazon.Com page and fill secure order form, books will sent to you. Prices which I show on my page are approximate - in general, Amazon.Com may increase these prices at any moment, but as far as I know usualy it doesn't happen. For some books you will also receive discount of 10-20% or even more.

In addition to top 10 nunchaku manuals list here is a list of different weapons manuals.

Nunchaku - Karate Weapon Of Self Defense
by Fumio Demura

In this book famous Shito-Ryu karate and kobudo master Fumio Demura teach basic nunchaku techniques. Explained grips, stances, grasps, blocks, strikes, chokes, warm-ups, arm movements, whipping techniques and footwork. Excellent section on applied attacking techniques, block and counter techniques. Includes chapters on history, anatomy, care and types of nunchakus. Includes also chapter which may be very important to karateka who start to learn nunchaku - in this chapter master show how many of karate techniques may be applied with nunchaku. I have this book and I think it's the best book for beginners. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $10.95

Advanced Nunchaku
by Fumio Demura and Dan Ivan

In general, this book is continuation of previous book. In this book, as you can see from book name, Fumio Demura explain advanced nunchaku techniques - include more swinging and striking techniques and it's applications, introduction to combinations, double nunchaku techniques, self-defence applications and katas. I've read this books and i'll recommend it. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $11.95

Dynamic Nunchaku
by Tadashi Yamashita

Tadashi Yamashita is other famous karate and weapons expert. He is the head instructor of Shorin-Ryu in the US and also head instructor of American Karate Association. In this book he demonstrates dynamic nunchaku techniques stressing spontaneity with classical form, and teaches the development of lightning skills with both single and double nunchaku. I haven't read this book but I read other book by this author and was impressed. When Demura stressing likeness between karate and nunchaku techniques, Yamashita in opposite, explain differences. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $15.95

Nunchaku in Action
for Kobudo and Law Enforcement
by Joseph Hess

Joseph Hess - former heavyweight full-contact karate champion and high ranked police instructor. In this book he teach nunchaku techniques which may be used by law enforcement or for self-defence. This book include explanation of such things as blocking, striking, takedowns, throwing, training exercises etc. I have this book in my collection and will recommend it to everyone who wish to learn self-defence techniques with nunchaku: from this book he or she will learn relatively effective and at the same time non-lethal techniques. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $17.95

Nunchaku : The Complete Training Guide
by Jiro Shiroma

In this book Jiro Shiroma, holder of 7th dan in Shorin-Ryu and traditional kobudo, teach basic and some advanced nunchaku techniques, application of these techniques against one who attack with empty hands, knife, bo or nunchaku, and also one kata. Book includes a lot of nunchaku grappling techniques - joint locks and takedowns. Described techniques are very interesting, some of them I never meet in other sources. On other hand, basics explained no so good, so I would highly recommend this book to advanced nunchaku practitioners, but if you are beginner, i'll recommend you to buy Demura's books instead. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $12.95

Nunchaku: Dynamic Training
by Hirokazu Kanazawa

Hirokazu Kanazawa is one of the greatest Shotokan karate stylists. His nunchaku manual book covers nunchaku history, basic techniques, good explained kata and it's bunkai (applications). In my opinion, this book explains nunchaku kata better than any other manual I seen. At second hand explanation of basic techniques is no so good, so I would highly recommend this book to advanced practitioner who already learned basics. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $13.50

Nunchaku: Karate's Deadliest Fighting Sticks
by Andrew S. Linick

Another good manual book. Traditional kobudo practitioner Andrew Linick teach in his book basic and some advanced nunchaku techniques, methods of training and some rarely explained topic - self-defence techniques and tactics of street fight. Main problem of this book - really bad illustrations, so sometimes it's hard to understand basic techniques. I would recommend this book to all serious nunchaku practitioners and especially to these who learn nunchaku for self-defence. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $17.95

The Complete Book Of Karate Weapons
by Dr. Ted Gambordella

This book teaches techniques of 7 weapons: nunchaku, yawara (palm stick), sai, knife, tonfa, tanbo (2' stick) and bo (long staff). I have this book in my collection. This site dedicated to nunchaku, but I wish say that this book include very interesting matherials about other weapons, among them some techniques which can't be found in other books, and the chapter about yawara is the only printed manual of yawara I ever seen. Nunchaku techniques, that described in this book, mainly covered by other books mentioned on this page, hovewer such topics as striking areas and defences against nunchaku and also some techniques are unique for this book. So I didn't spent money in vain - the book definitely deserves to be read. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $25.00

SUPER-OFFER: Dr. Ted Gambordella sells all his books (includes "The complete book of karate weapons") on one CD!!! For $29.95 only you will receive CD with two dozens of books (which will cost you over $300 if you buy them from bookstore) + 2 instructional videos: "Nunchaku" and "Martial arts secrets". Even better offer - as Dr. Ted wish to share his nunchaku knowledge with wide public of weapons practicioners, he offer $10 discount to buyers that come from this site. So you'll receive all these books and videos FOR $19.95 ONLY - less than a price of "The complete book of karate weapons" at Amazon.Com. Order this CD now! Or read the description of the CD at the http://www.wwwin.com/ and then order it. Remember: by ordering the CD through this page you receive $10 discount as a nunchaku practicioner.

Ed Parker's Guide to the Nunchaku
by Ed Parker

Book by "father of American karate" Ed Parker. This book mainly will interesting to American kenpo practitioners. I don't think it's so good book because it covers a few actual techniques and a lot of words about how it's important to be creative. On other hand this book contains a few interesting topics like concealed carrying of nunchaku, safety rules or choosing proper nunchaku size, so I think serious nunchaku practitioner may wish to buy this book, especially considering its low price. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $8.80

Twenty-One Techniques of Silent Killing
by Master Hei Long

In general, this book isn't exactly "martial arts" book. As you can see from the book name, it deal with assassination techniques. There explained 21 ways to kill someone quickly and silently, attracting as little attention as possible while guaranteeing the target's death. Book deal with spike, knife and nunchaku techniques. I haven't read this book but I guess in this book you can find nunchaku techniques which usually not described in training manual books. If you wish to order this book, click here.

Approximate price $12.00

In addition you can see the list of different weapons manuals.


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